Organizations claiming to work for Child Rights: Do they deserve this?

by: admin

February 15, 2016

Today, there are a lot of child rights organization. These organizations have been working and serving their mission for the promotion of child rights for a long time.

In my opinion, child rights mean that the each and every child hasthe right to quality education, health, protection, protection againsexual abuse, etc. It is the aim and responsibility ofall the child rights organizations to ensure the provision of these rights for every child, regardless of their caste, colour or creed.

The United Nations has also passed a Convention on the Rights of the Child – a very comprehensive document which provides detailed insight into child rights. To achieve the goals and targets outlined in the convention, the UN reaches out to organizations worldwide and provides them withthe funding to undertake initiatives for the promotion of child rights. These organizations have been working for child rights in one region or the other for hundreds of yearsnow. Yet we must stop here and question ourselves: Have their efforts paid off? Despite all the effort, why are children still being abused and killed, deprived of their childhood and education, malnourished and sold into human trafficking? Who is at fault here? Who should we hold accountable for the failure to provide our children with a safe and secure future? Could it be possible that these organizations are working to serve some vested interests? I believe that if these organizations had been working for the cause of child rights with utmost sincerity, then this world would have become a much better place for our children by now.

Why am I raising these questions? Because every day I see children in my own country who are even denied basic human rights. Be it health, education or even protection – the children are the most disadvantaged. Their plight shakes me to the core! With deep grief, I must say that it feels as if all child rights organizations have turned a blind eye to the deplorable condition of children across the globe.

What about the child who picks garbage all day to make enough money to feed himself! Please ask yourself, does he deserve that?

What about the child who polishes shoes all day to make enough money to feed his entire family! Please ask yourself again, does he deserve that?

While teaching in a class once, I couldn’t help but notice a child who would just not look up. Upon inquiring, I found out that he was embarrassed about having to wear a torn and worn out uniform to school every day. Parents could not afford to buy him a new uniform. As I went to buy him a new uniform that day, I couldn’t help but think about what must that child go through every day. Putting on a torn uniform every day to school must break his spirit.

These are just every day examples of what our children go through on a daily basis. But what about the children we lost to APS Peshawar Attack? Or the children from Kasur incident? How can we allow such heinous crimes to take place against our children? By failing to provide them a secure present, are we preparing them for the future? I guess, not!

I request the State and these child rights organizations to understand and undertake their full responsibility towards our children! All it will take is a little bit of sincerity and dedication, and I ask you what cannot be fixed then?
Let’s take today to stand up for child rights!
Let’s secure our future along with our children!

By: Kakar Hayat Hamandzai
A World at School | Global Youth Ambassador
Right to Education | Education Youth Ambassador
National Youth Movement | Founder