I AM PAKISTAN (Abdul Samad Khan)

by: admin

December 16, 2015


My teacher was burnt in front of me, how I would get into the same class where it happened. And how can i be sure that next time i attend any class my teacher won’t face it again, how would i clear my mind of that incident which my innocent eyes watched and the screams of my teacher are still heard.

How could i sit in the same classroom, where my friends and i used to study, laugh, play and enjoyed all the moments of my childhood and school life was converted to war zone and the stains of blood still remains on the walls of the classroom. Should i be thankful to Almighty for saving my life? Why not my life is taken, my friend was better than me in every aspect.

I am the teacher of army public school peshawar. I always gave my students the hope of better tomorrow. But now neither my students are here and nor the better tomorrow.
Do i still have to go into the same classroom where innocent kids were butchered by these monsters? I am sorry, i can’t do it.

I am the mother, who sent her kid today to the school in the morning. Today my child asked for extra money, because she had to buy some chocolates to gift it to her friend, who was celebrating her birthday today.
Today my child had a different kind of charm on her face, she was happy and she kissed me while she left for school and said take care mom.
I am waiting for her to come back, i don’t know where is she now, but i hope somewhere from the corner she would jump and give me the tightest hug ever.
I love you my child.

I am the driver that used to take asma every day to the school. I can’t say anything else but today when i saw her dead body, i am not even able to support myself. I still can’t believe that little asma would not be going to school with me again.

I am the common man of this country. i just came back from hospital and donated blood for all the injured people and now i want to help people as much as possible. I would always be there for anything like this, but this time i was more devastated than ever, this time i couldn’t help to my fullest. I don’t know why this takes place again and again.

I wish it ends soon.

I am Pakistan. Today some people attacked me. Though i have been through many, but this one was the worst of all. Today i couldn’t save the young children of mine, today i disappointed many. I am sorry i couldn’t do it. I wish i had been able to save the child, who was rhyming some poem and couldn’t complete it. I tried but i failed.

This was the worst i have faced. I have been separated, i have been burnt, i have been closed down from peshawar to karachi, but i was always able to keep my kids safe. The innocent kids. They were mostly safe.
But i want to make it clear that these wounds are temporary and i would rise back. My people are the bravest in the world. I just want them to realise what went wrong, stand united and fight till all the evils are gone.

I am Pakistan.

EYA Abdul Samad Khan, ICT