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Un Convention On The Rights Of The Child

UNDP Report on Quality of Education System in Pakistan

6 graphs on GPE’s results in gender equality and girls’ education

Peer Training Manual – Sindh

Peer Training Manual – ICT

Peer Training Manual – Balochistan

Peer Training Manual – KP

Peer Training Manual – Punjab

Ensure quality education for all: Sustainable Development Goal 4; ten targets

Urdu | English

The Green Book
Evidence on implementation of rte on selected themes

The Yellow Book
For voice guide to building advocacy cases (sdg 4.1, 4.7 and 4.a)

The Blue Book
A book on article 25 a – the right to education (rte) acts and rules of business formulated for each act in pakistan

National Education Policy Framework 2018 | Presentation

Political Manifestos General Elections 2018

Right to Education and School Report Cards

Global Education Monitoring Report – Education for People and Planet: Creating sustainable futures for all

Critical Reference and Action Documents on the Sustainable Development Goal 4 2015-2030

The Learning Generation – Investing in Education for a Changing World

Innovative Financing for 25 A and RTE in Pakistan

Critical Reference and Action Documents on the Sustainable Development Goal 4 2015-2030

International Literacy Day 2014 Activities

RTE: Resource Materials for the ECE Conference (CD Pack)

Draft Lucens Guidelines for protecting schools and universities from military use during Armed conflict

Hidden in Plain Sight – A Statistical analysis of violence against children

Economics Journal: Will India’s Right to Education Act Upset Stereotypes? – India [India Real Time]

RTE Rules – States Start Learning Fast – India [The Financial Express]RTE will take the fear out of learning – India [pdf]

On Campus : Education bill needs exhaustive discourse

EFA Global Monitoring Report 2013-2014: Teaching and Learning Achieving quality for all – Pauline Rose

Global Initiative on out-of-School Children: Covering Bangladesh, India, Pakistan and Sri Lanka

On Campus : Education bill needs exhaustive discourse

 Free and compulsory education is now a law

 Free education for children may be a distant dream

Bill passed: Free education for all children up to 16 years

Education: Bill to regulate private schools yet to be tabled

Education for all: ‘Free schooling bill to be tabled in May’

Approval of Class-VIII textbooks ‘overruled’

The state of English: British Council report weighs the importance of bilingual practice

Medium of instruction: English to Urdu and back

The Balochistan Introduction of Mother Languages as Compulsory Additional Subject at Primary Level ACT, 2014

THE RIGHT TO LEARN Community participation in improving learning

Petition Regarding Miserable Condition of the Schools – CONSTITUTION PETITION NO. 37 OF 2012

Mian Nawaz Shirf: Right to free & Compulsory Education Bill 2012 Article 25-A. Be Notified

Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif: Corporal Punishment Prohibition Bill 2013 must be represented in Parliment.

The Balochistan Compulsory and Free Education Ordinance 2013

RTE Leaflet 2013

How far has India come in guaranteeing education? The Right to Education Act & ASER findings 2010-2012

Comparison ICT & Sindh RTE

The Prohibition of Corporal Punishment Act, 2010

The good news from Pakistan by Sir Michael Barber

Learning for All in the Post-2015 Development Agenda

ASER 2012 Summary Report Cards

Right to education notes from Pakistan- November 10, 2012 Fatal Acts: Daring to Look and Learn

Politicians and education – [The Dawn]

Right to education legislation – [The Nation]

Education for all: Legislations useless if not enforced properly, agree all panellists – The Express Tribune

Political Parties Call for Uniform Education System – The News Karachi

Right to Education

Abusing Children is OK Here! [Baela Raza Jamil]

Report on ‘Right to Education’ in Pakistan A Draft for Discussion Idara-e-Taleem-o-Aagahi (ITA)

Comparison – (Proposed) Right to Free and Compulsory Education Act, 2011 (Draft Bill) and Right to Education Act India, 2010