Odyssey of National Education Policy 2016

by: admin

October 13, 2015

Names and tags prominently give you cognition of your responsibilities along with an intention  of cascading your role to a productive end. Being Education Youth Ambassador Pakistan with Idara Taleem O Aghi prevail a consciousness for Youth to be change agent while carrying out possible passages to bring difference in education system in Pakistan. Since independence resources and opportunities excelled to invest in education sector yet it linger with lower literacy rate due to inadequate long term planning and poor policies.

Recently, I read the Odyssey One of the greatest works of literature, this is an epic poem attributed to the blind poet Homer. Written as a sequel to the Iliad, the Odyssey tells of the long journey by the Greek hero Odysseus. He has just fought in the Trojan War, and now, along with his men, is returning home. Altogether, it takes Odysseus twenty years to return. His journey begins in Troy. On his return home he faces cyclops, lotus-eaters, sea monsters, and hostile giants. After getting through all these adventures, the hero finds himself trapped by a goddess on an island. Meanwhile, in Ithaca, the home of Odysseus, suitors have thronged his palace and are each trying to win the hand of Odysseus’ wife Penelope. His son Telemachos believes that his father is still alive, and so, aided by the goddess Athena, sets out on a quest to find him

Accompanied with the synopsis of Greek ancient Poet Homer’s poem “Odyssey” I have started my odyssey to Hyderabad (Phaeacia of odyssey a place with civilized and hospitable people warmly welcome strangers) for National Education Policy 2016 on 1st September 2015. A central virtuous theme in “The Odyssey” is loyalty. Odysseus’s devotion to his family, his country and his god is unwavering, same as I found ITA work and mission for education sector in Pakistan for the last few years. When we reached Hyderabad the team was ready to assault the plan for fruitful end and extract impressive outcomes from Consultative meeting.

Submissively the meeting was kicked off I voluntarily helped the lead researcher while flipping the slides on his consent whenever his points to flip the next slide. I was close spectators of the facts and figures illustrated of erstwhile National Education Policy 2009 and its implications and the present day triumphs. Each information was awful and called for urgent action to be taken for sake of those children still have no access to education, favorable environment and sufficient books and teachers. That moment I realized why school performance charts in Pakistan are aligned with certain tools like non-functional schools, dangerous buildings schools, boundary less schools, ghosts schools and no schools rather than Productive schools, top rating schools, green building schools, solar energy and techno lab schools, O-A level schools. The unserious dedications and counterfeit honesty of teachers, education Department has resulted disappointing results. According to SEMIS Report 2013-14 of District Sujawal,Sindh out of 24,121 student enrolled in class 1 only 73 student made it to higher secondary school which less than 1%.The picture further gets vulnerable while demonstration condition of other districts of Pakistan. The meeting was invented by less interested and dedicated participant along with biased arguments. Over the years this country has witnessed many wars and natural calamities but never learnt any lesson. Once iqbal said” God never changes the fate of the nation until they do good to themselves.” It us me and you attended school and had the lessons in comfortable environments but now it’s the time to repay while educating each children and the nation to be literate and sensitive to education with Unity, compassion and dedication.

While returning back I the lines of Harmer roomed around in my mind:

Of all the cities he saw, the minds he grasped,

The suffering deep in his heart at sea

As he struggled to survive and bring his men home

But could not save them, hard as he tried—

The fools—destroyed by their own recklessness

When they ate the oxen of Hyperion the Sun,

And that god snuffed out their day of return.

I realized the fact that ITA or any other organization cannot help to devise any policy for any  district, province and government until the this nation including me apprehend our actual responsibilities to raise against evil of illiteracy and stop depending our inefficiency to support our kitchen on the bay of our children life and futures. Though the Homor was a blind poet yet he has clear imagination that struggle and dedication always result a prosperous ending but our Government could not see the drastic condition of education system while having eyes.