Political Manifestos General Elections 2018 Pakistan

Education Promises in Political Parties Manifestos

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The new manifestoes Roll Out for the General Elections 2018 in Pakistan! PPP was the first political party to unveil its new manifesto -well done & THANK YOU Bilawal! for making the priorities public -“Roti, kapra aur makaan; ilm, sehat, sab ko kaam” (Bread, clothing and shelter; education, health and jobs for everyone).

We see a refreshing and major commitment to ” A More Inclusive Society- Integration of Differently-Abled People (pp. 15-17) and a good section titled ” Naujawan Pakistan- Opening Opportunities for our Children and Youth” elaborating Quality Education For ALL with commitment to Right to Education Article 25 A innovative Early Childhood Education and Youth /Naujawan Pakistan (pp. 18-21) –

PPP Manifesto

‘We have to fulfil BB’s promise’: Bilawal unveils PPP’s election manifesto – Dawn News

PMLN Manifesto


PTI Manifesto

Balochistan Awami Party Manifesto Election 2018

Balochistan Awami Party Manifesto

MMA Manifesto

MQM Manifesto

Awami National Party Manifesto

Awami National Party Manifesto [pdf]

Aurat Foundation

Women’s Action Forum – Karachi: A Women’s Manifesto for General Election-2018

Aurat Foundation sought recommendations from ITA/RTE for 2018 Elections