Internet of Good Things (IoGT)

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October 29, 2019

Transforming lives and providing opportunity, by making knowledge universally accessible
The Internet of Good Things (IoGT) is a UNICEF-led initiative that aims to bridge the digital divide and build knowledge in societies.
Internet of Good Things (IoGT) hosts mobile-packaged content designed to make life-saving and life-improving information available for free, even on low-end devices. IoGT is helping communities and frontline workers access educational and lifesaving information at the point of care.

Topics and issues on Internet of Good Things include maternal health, hygiene, emergency information on diseases such as Yellow fever, Polio and Cholera, HIV and sexual health advice for adolescents, Internet safety, positive parenting techniques and more. Including multimedia elements and 2-way communication features, the IoGT platform can also be used to capture feedback and local best practices from communities through polls and survey functionalities.

To date, more than 30 million users have accessed IoGT since launch in 2015 – 60% between the ages of 13 and 24 – and hundreds of thousand more every month benefit from the IoGT and get free, life-saving and life-impacting information through their mobile phones. Local IoGT mobile sites are made accessible free of data charges in 61 countries and territories. IoGT hosts content modules in up to 13 languages. There are currently a total of 88 IoGT mobile sites and 91 mobile operators supporting a free of data charges access to IoGT.

The IoGT Dossier explains the issues IoGT addresses, its alignment with UNICEF’s programme priorities, and the strategy and pathway to scale.

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