Letter of Acknowledgment by Mr. Gordon Brown

by: admin

April 29, 2013

April, 26th 2013

Dear Baela,

 I want to personally thank you for your leadership on education and your presence at the event last week in Washington to present the 1 million signature petition. The event was a critical part of the wider education events on April 18 and 19, which marked the start of 1,000-day countdown to the deadline to reach our broader global education goals.
Your work in Pakistan is an inspiration to everyone and truly remarkable.  In September I hope to have the ministers of Education and Finance of Pakistan participate in a round of meetings, similar to the ones held last week.  I will continue to ensure that education does not fall off of the global agenda and that all children in Pakistan have the opportunity to go to school, especially girls.

My personal thanks for your leadership on education and I look forward to working with you and others to make education and learning for all a reality for the children and youth of Pakistan.

With my best wishes,

The Office of Gordon and Sarah Brown