Global Youth Ambassadors pay tribute to Nobel Peace Prize winners Malala and Kailash

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October 13, 2014

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Malala Yousafzai and Kailash Satyarthi have campaigned alongside A World at School to get every child into school and to overcome the obstacles to education, such as child labour, child marriage and discrimination against girls and children with disablities.

The 2014 Nobel Peace Prize winners have directly inspired the work of more than 500 A World at School Global Youth Ambassadors, who are leading courageous campaigns for child rights and education in more than 85 countries around the world.

After yesterday’s announcement, many of our youth ambassadors have paid tribute to Malala and Kailash. Here are just some of their comments:


That win for Malala has given me a renewed spirit, a new vigour to stand for #UpForSchool. Congratulations Malala … you always stir my heart to move forward.


They have showed and proved that with consistency, indomitable will and determination, the courage to change the ill happenings, anything and everything is possible if we come forward and do our part to build a sustained society. Let’s pledge to take one step ahead for global education and sooner than later the result of achieving universal primary education would be a grand success. Together we can make it happen.

JIA CHAUDHARY from Pakistan

I heard Malala speak live a few moments ago. It was such a pleasant thing to hear that Malala and Kailash had spoken to each other after the announcement of the prize and they vowed to work together for peace between the two countries – and that they would support each other in their campaign for children’s rights and education activism. She has made Pakistan proud and it casts the image of Pakistan as a country that stands for education, no matter what, and that hopes to eradicate terrorism. She is a hope and inspiration for every girl, child, women and men.

NANGYALAI ATTAL from Afghanistan

Today Malala is a standing and visible icon of courage in our hearts and our souls, and we are more determined than ever in the struggle for educating our sisters.

Kailash Satyarthi

Kailash Satyarthi after learning of his Nobel Peace Prize award

NASH TYSMANS from the Philippines

Malala’s win makes me happy to be a woman working in education in this day and age. She’s proof that education can be a means to bring peace and challenge existing norms. I hope we are inspired by her example to carry on and keep working so that every boy and girl has access to quality education.

OJIJO SAMWEL from Nigeria

Little efforts adds up to great results:) thumbs up #malala.


After hearing the announcement that Malala had won the Nobel Peace Prize alongside Kailash, I immediately thought that this award will give young people hope, inspiration and power to carry on the movement Malala started. She has inspired me to stand up for education. Congratulations, Malala! You are a living proof that everything is possible if you believe.

BROWNIE EBAL from Tanzania

Malala and Kailash are true symbols of courage. Their actions inspire me each day to believe that no challenge put against me shall stand, it’s how we respond to challenges that makes us true leaders. They are continually a source of strength to young girls around the world. Despite the atrocities of the world, we can always overcome!


Today we not only celebrate the triumph of courage, but more importantly we see the world turn to education as its greatest hope for the future and for world peace. The work of Malala and Kailash gives me hope for the future of my country, in the midst of a delicate peace process and faced with the construction of a post-conflict future, their perseverance strengthens my conviction that the surest way to peace is education. #UpforSchool

Global Youth Ambassadors at #UpForSchool rally

Global Youth Ambassadors and activists at #UpForSchool rally


Malala and Kailash are symbols of hope and perseverance. They have been campaigning with A World At School for many months in order to make education a reality in dangerous non-developed areas. We are really proud of them and we encourage everyone working for children education to continue.


Malala is an amazing, soft and gentle person. Her voice is so lovingly soft yet powerful. She doesnt go out there looking for recognition but her actions speaks louder that the world has no choice but to honour her. Congratulations Malala.


I recall my first meeting with Malala – it was such an inspiration. Today is just another confirmation that age does not count when it comes to pursing your passion provided it’s the right thing to do. Congratulations.


Malala and Kailash give me inspiration to keep on advocating for rights of children to receive education. I am especially inspired by Malala’s courage to stand up for girls’ education.

TEMIDAYO MUSA from Nigeria

In the battle to get every child in school and learning, if there is anyone who can tell the story “why education is important” then Malala is the right person – she is living it. I’m happy to have worked and working alongside with her.

You can join the growing movement to get all children into school – sign the #UpForSchool Petition.

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