Fostering Education Activism – Sikander Bizenjo

I have recently conducted a training workshop for education activists in Lasbela district of Balochistan on how to use data and social media as effective tools to advocate for education. As AlifAilaan’s Regional Campaign Organiser (RCO) in Karachi, the work I do is not limited to one geographical location or one specific theme, but the goal of ending Pakistan’s educational emergency.

This training workshop was designed to facilitate the local activists of Balochistan on how they can use their time and energy in a better way. The training had the elements of using data from authentic sources, customising it for the audience and pitching it in through various channels to different stakeholders.

Social media has surfaced to be one of the most effective tools of communication in this modern age – from revolution in Egypt to presidential elections of the United States, Social media had a very prominent role. Hence, a segment was on the use of social media to make sure your voice is heard.
We received a very positive and energetic response from the trainees on this interactive-dialogue-cum-training session.

As RCO of AlifAilaan and Education Youth Ambassador (EYA) of Idara-Taleem o Agahi, I have been working to improve public schools in all the districts of Karachi on various capacities, including but not limited to; conducting awareness seminars, encouraginggirls’ education, policy debates on budget, getting stakeholders on board to amplify the collective work we do regarding education, provide a platform to volunteers etc. And I intend to continue and further improve all this with the same passion, as I firmly believe that education is the prime key to bring revolutions in societies.

Sikander tweets @sikanderbizenjo and can be reach at [email protected]