A Mission to Serve Humanity!

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August 2, 2016

As an education youth ambassador I have worked a lot in different fields, especially in education. I have brought very positive change in some schools. I have opened 2 closed schools in my district ( GBPS Shakh barozai and GBPS Shangloon karez). These two schools were closed and the village Khans (Malaks) was the heads of these schools but by the mercy of Almighty Allah, I opened these two schools for the children and now the children are learning over there. These schools were being used as guest and store rooms and were absolutely going to waste. Now these schools are fully functional.
Further, I have transferred two teachers who were not coming to schools and just collecting their salary on the name of teaching. I discussed this issue with deputy district education officer so Alhamdullillah DDEO supported my voice and transferred them to well functional schools where now they are attending school daily.

Having the title of an EYA I have felt myself a responsible citizen to work for the noble cause of education so I thought of opening a center for out of school, poor and orphaned children. So then by the grace of Allah in January 2016 I opened a center on the name of National Youth Center where now the children are getting free education of subjects like computers and English language classes.
I have also visited more than 100 boys and girls schools this year for promotion of education and awareness about the education where I could help, support and coach the teachers about new teaching and learning strategies.

In 2016, I have conducted two enrollments walks in my district to convey a message to every citizen to enroll every out of school child and help me. So in this different people from different fields of life participated this initiative and supported me. Even district education officer, chairman, political, social workers, teachers and students participated. So these walks really gave a very positive result. I also conducted three seminars about enrollment. I have also provided free uniforms to poor students as an individual effort. Whenever I find or see poor a student who is wearing a torn uniform or is without uniform, I provide them with a new one.
Being an EYA I have trained more than 100 teachers and mentors about reading skills and pedagogy . I have also trained them about new teaching and learning strategies. They are now applying these in their classes.

In this year I have attended one international conference of three days conducted by the Pakistan US Alumni Network in which youth form 9 countries and 300 alumni participated. But by the grace of Allah, I was awarded the best appearance of the conference.
I have attended 3 or 4 other trainings and workshops about youth and community awareness campaigns like U-Reporter Pak Awaz workshop etc.
Recently I am working with USAID funded Pakistan Reading Project as teacher trainer in district killasaifullah.

In this year Alhamdullillah i got first positon at district level in Associate Degree in Education then governor Baluchistan awarded me USAID PRP tablet in award and Bauru of curriculum BOC awarded appreciation certificate.

Now before Ramdan I have collected data where I found 27 villages where there is no single school for children and 7 schools are closed so then I share this date with DDEO so ensure me that after Eid will support you and we both will take some serious action against these schools and will try to open new schools where there are no schools.

Unfortunately, some people for banned outfits have been threatening and want to put a stop to my work for education in Pakistan. They think this is a mission against religion. But I want to tell everyone that I will never give up my mission. Some elements are strongly mistaken that Hayat will give up I want to do something for humanity and I won’t give up till my last breath. No one can stop me from my mission of serving humanity and bringing equality!

Yes I Can!

Kakar Hayat Hamandzai
EYA | Right to education Pakistan – Baluchistan
GYA | A World at School
Regional Director | Pakistan Hope Society
Executive Director | ISCD
Founder | National Youth Movement
Teacher Trainer | USAID-PRP