EYA Welcome and Orientation Session-Some Thougts

by: admin

December 9, 2014

The Education Youth Ambassadors Program started out as a dream to rally capable and eager students from all over the country to have an authentic platform so they can do their part for the Pakistani youth. The education system in Pakistan, as we all know, is far less than satisfactory: with widespread disparity, inaccessibility, and a thousand socio-political constraints, it is nothing short of a catch twenty-two situation of the highest order. With fifty eight million children not attending schools of any kind whatsoever, the future, if it stays this way, seems appallingly bleak. Thus, it is ever more necessary to engage ambassadors in education advocacy as per Article 25A of the Pakistani constitution.

Despite the fact that numerous Right to Education related decrees have been passed by law, we have a long way to go before we can truly attain a steady speed on the road to academic triumph. ITA’s ‘Right to Education’ chapter in collaboration with ‘A World at School’ under Gordon and Sarah Brown have taken a step in this direction and successfully appointed education emissaries from leading Pakistani institutions so that collective power against illiteracy can be properly exercised. What started as a global movement was adapted in Pakistan as a local chapter. Under this flag, RTE aims to bring several pressing issues to light, such as that of child marriage, child labor, gender discrimination, and so forth. As such the selected representatives have to portray exceptional drive and hunger for educational recognition. They must not only stand up for education themselves but also be able to marshal the masses for various educational movements. Homework is key! These ambassadors must know exactly what issue they are speaking of and how to go about it; all statements made must be completely apolitical and in the best interests of all stakeholders involved. After all that is the way to achieving utilitarianism in its purest form.

The EYA session brought forth brought together many individuals who offered all the afore-mentioned qualities.  They came together from all over the country, united in their passion to change the face of Pakistani education forever more. All members introduced themselves and spoke of the turning point in their lives which inspired them to do whatever they could to make a change.  The will to perform could reverberate through the course of the informative and productive session as the foundation of extensive networking was laid. We look forward to seeing much more of such future leaders in the time to come, and also to conquering newer heights and playing our roles in changing Pakistan.