Global Consultation on Education in the post 2015 framework launches E-discussion on equitable access to education

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April 22, 2013

As the 2015 target date for achieving the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) approaches, there are a growing number of processes, preparations and debates on what a post-2015 agenda and framework will look like.

In addition to the UN system processes, the United Nations Development Group (UNDG) is leading planning efforts to catalyse a “global conversation” on post-2015 through a series of 11 global thematic consultations. The aim of these consultations is to bring together a broad range of stakeholders to review progress on the MDGs and to discuss the options for a new framework.

Amongst others issues, a global thematic consultation on education, led by UNESCO and UNICEF, will provide stakeholders with the opportunity to define the form and scope that education goals and targets should take in the post-2015 agenda.

The overall objective is to generate an inclusive process and discussion around the importance of increased prioritisation of, and investment in quality basic education in the post-2015 agenda; stimulate discussion and critical analysis on how MDGs 2 and 3 have supported progress in education and equity; and to identify remaining gaps and new issues.

The global consultation on education will focus on four areas:

  1. Review the international education and development experience since 2000
  2. Identify current development trends and challenges, as well as future scenarios which need to be taken into account when defining the post-2015 education framework
  3. Discussion of cross-cutting themes, including gender, human rights, inequalities, disabilities and child labour
  4. The nature of the post 2015 agenda

To ensure the inclusion of a broad variety of stakeholders (not just experts and technocrats), the consultation has created an inter-active web platform where civil society groups, NGOs and marginalised groups can contribute to online discussions on the four focus areas listed above.

Today, the first of four online discussions will go live until 24 December. Three other discussions will then follow from early January to the end of February. Following the online discussions, the opinions, comments and recommendations from contributors will be fed into high level regional and global consultations with UN officials, governments and NGO representatives in early March.

This month’s discussion will focus on the theme of Equitable Access to Education. Given that we have focused on the issue of inclusive education over the last year, in particularly the marginalisation of children with disabilities, this month’s e-discussion presents an exciting opportunity to highlight the importance of including children living with disabilities within the post 2015 agenda.

To join the discussion and to offer your thoughts and recommendations see the e-discussion forum on the World We Want website.