July 17, 2012, Peshawar

This session also began with children presenting the One Million Signature Campaign summary and Charter of Demands to all the party representatives present.The Panel members included:

  • Maulvi Abdul Jalil Jan (JUI),
  • Dr. Mohammad Zakir Shah (Markazi Jamaat Ahal-e-Hadith)
  • Nasir Khan (PML-N)
  • Gul Faraz Khan (ANP)
  • Mehmood Jan (PTI)

Dr. Mohammad Zakir moderated the session and also highlighted the lack of seriousness of the government when it came to issues of education. All panelists stated the position statements of their political parties and pledged to formulate actionable steps for improvement in the education sector.

Dr. Ali Raza represented the Youth Parliament. He stressed that provision of education is the responsibility of the state and lauded the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa government on allocating 8% GDP for education this year. He explained that the motto of the youth parliament is transparency and uniform curriculum, and all the provincial governments should take this seriously. He also said that we should promote the things that are common amongst us and that the education department should be depoliticized.