What The Heck is Freelance Writing?

So, you wanna learn about what freelance writing is!

Well, I’m glad to let you know about this.

What The Heck is Freelance Writing

First of all, lemme start with a short story –

Harry from the UK has started an online business a few months back, but he can’t produce enough content for his website.

So, he’s planning to hire someone remotely to write some blog posts for his website so that he can publish them regularly.

But, how will he get someone to write for him?

Well, there are some freelancing platforms where he can easily post his job. So, he chose PeoplePerHour.com since it’s the best freelancing platform in the UK.

Next, he landed at the site of PPH (PeoplePerHour is shortly known as PPH!).

Harry is posting a job on PeoplePerHour.com for writing his articles

Initially, he posted a job for writing five articles for his website, and here you can see the job poster –

This is Harry’s job poster

On the other hand, Ben, an aspiring freelance writer from the USA, is checking different writing jobs on the same platform, PPH.

He saw Harry’s job poster and applied for it.

As Harry was very eager to hire somebody quickly to hand over his writing assignment, he checked Ben’s proposal and liked it very much.

So, Harry hired Ben and assigned him to write five articles to see how he does. Harry feels very relaxed by shifting his burden to Ben and Ben is also happy by getting hired since he would likely get paid soon after delivering the task to Harry.

So, both parties are happy!

Now is the time for Ben to brainstorm what to write for Harry.

Ben is planning what to write

Good job! Ben could manage to find several ideas for writing the articles shortly and he started writing them.

Ben’s writing articles for Harry

After accomplishing a couple of articles, he sent them to Harry for reviewing the work.

Ben submitted some articles

Amazing! Harry became very happy with Ben’s work and paid him $150.

Wow! Ben got the money.

The payment was also followed by 5-star feedback (Harry left 5-star on Ben’s invoice) which is marvelous.

Currently, PPH’s 5-star looks like this

Now, Ben will use the fund that he just received from Harry.

For this, he’s gonna use his MasterCard.

Note: For freelance writers, it’s very convenient to use a Payoneer MasterCard because it makes the money receiving process super easy and quick.

Also, there are some countries where PayPal doesn’t operate their services. In those areas, Payoneer can be a reliable payment method.

Here’s a post regarding this: How to make money online without PayPal?

For example, Ben can now withdraw his money from any nearby ATM booth. This is really an easy way to get paid, huh!

He can use his MasterCard for online shopping if he needs to buy anything online.

Or, he can use his MasterCard for offline shopping too.

So, Ben is quite happy in this profession.

Ben writes for Harry & gets paid

This is exactly what a freelance writer does!!

You can also register for an account as a freelance writer on PeoplePerHour. It’s totally free.


In the previous story, you’ve got a great example of freelance writing.

In the story, Ben is a freelance writer and Harry is a freelance writing client. Ben does freelance writing.

Freelance writing is a smart profession where a writer works for his/her client (s) without any long-term contract. Here, the writer takes his writing profession as self-employment.

This is actually the main purpose of freelancing. If you know what freelancing is, you must know about freelance writing.

Here’s one article about freelancing: What does freelance mean?

Most freelance writing jobs are done online where different clients hire different writers from any part of the world. So, a writer can be from France whereas his client may live in the USA.

It’s also evident that some freelance writers are hired offline. In this case, writers are sought from the local area of the clients so that the clients can meet their writers in person.

So, who/what is a freelance writer?

Well, a freelance writer is a writer who does the job of freelance writing. Suppose that you work for a client (what Ben does) who has assigned you a task of writing five articles (what Harry did) for him. Here, you’re a freelance writer.

Freelance writing is a great profession. For this, many people have already taken freelance writing as their full-time profession. Freelance writers get a lot of freedom by doing freelance writing because they can arrange their schedule as per their choice.

You might be asking why I left freelance writing! Well, I left freelance writing even though it was a nice profession to me.

But one thinking problem of mine is that I wanna work for myself. I wanna build my long-term asset. Since freelance writers get paid one time for their work, it seems very bad to me.

Also, I can write whatever I want on my blog. If a client hires me to write for his/her, I’ll have to maintain the client’s guidelines.

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So, there are two parties involved in a freelance writing project – one is the client and the other one is the freelance writer. They go through a formal deal for accomplishing a task in exchange for some money. The client pays and the freelance writer gets paid. This is that simple.

So, what are you waiting for?

There are many platforms out there like Upwork, Guru, PeoplePerHour, Freelancer, etc where you can sign up as a freelance writer and start bidding for freelance writing jobs.

I’ll be writing different posts on freelance writing regularly.

So, keep in touch with my blog.

Wish you all the best.

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