iXWebHosting Review 2020

iXWebHosting is a decent hosting company and it provides several awesome hosting related services for its users.

iXWebHosting Review 2020

You’ll come to know almost all the services of this nice hosting company since this is the most detailed ix web hosting review.


Having a hosting pack that has a guaranteed 99.9% uptime is an awesome benefit. And if you see that your site is always running without giving any significant downtime, then this is just amazing.

With ix web hosting, you can work for your website without worrying about its disk space and bandwidth as both of them are unlimited.

You can run as many websites as you desire on a single web hosting pack. Having so many domains and hosting services at an affordable rate is another benefit that’s regardless to say.

At the time of running your website, if you face any trouble, you can easily contact the support team of the hosting provider by using the phone, email, live chat, or support ticket.

The opportunity to judge the performance of your hosting services for a long period of time is a great benefit. With ix web hosting, you get longer than the usual testing period (up to 90 days) for checking how good the hosting services are for you.

Not only is that you can host your site on Linux or Windows-based systems as per your choice.


iXWebHosting has full of awesome features and this part will reveal most of the features to you.

  • Dedicated IP address. This is one of the exciting and thus notable features of this hosting company. Yes, you’ll get a dedicated IP address for your website on all the hosting packs of the hosting company. The dedicated IP address for a website is very helpful in many ways in running the website.


  • Get a free domain. With the hosting plans of iXWebHosting, you’ll get to register a domain for free if the domain is available. This means that you can easily save some dollars that you would need to spend on a domain name.


  • Domain registration. Other than having a free domain of the hosting packs of this hosting company, you can also buy a domain individually from iXWebHosting. So, the company is acting as a domain registrar too. To register a domain on iXWebHosting, you’ll just have to follow this button and then, take the further guided actions –

  • Unlimited storage. This makes you free to upload as much content as you wish on your website. So, you won’t have to calculate how much disk space your website you have used in order to make sure that it doesn’t overload.


  • Unlimited bandwidth. If the bandwidth of your site becomes unmetered, then you can be worry-free at the time of receiving any amount of traffic to it. That’s why to work for your website to drive tons of traffic without worrying about its bandwidth. This is the reason you don’t need to opt-in for the hotlink protection in order to limit your website data use.


  • Unlimited domain hosting. You can host as many domains as you wish on a single hosting pack of iXWebHosting since there’s the facility to host an unlimited number of domains per hosting pack.


  • Unlimited email accounts. If your site is xyz.com, then you can create an unlimited number of …@xyz.com email accounts. Just choose a suitable name in the place of dot signs and create as many email accounts as you want.


  • 1-Click installer. Though there’s no facility to use Softaculous or MOJO Marketplace 1-Click installer in order to install your required scripts for your site, you can follow EasyApps Collection under the WebServer section. This is as easy as other good 1-Click installers.


  • Control panel. The shared hosting plans of iXWebHosting don’t have the cPanel control panel though you can have the room for using the cPanel on any of the VPS hosting packs of the company. You can see the control panel of iXWebHosting shared hosting packs which isn’t that difficult to handle, but you can never compare the user experience of this control panel with cPanel.

You can use cPanel or Plesk (depending on Linux or Windows) on the VPS hosting packs of iXWebHosting.

  • Scripts. Almost all the CMS are available to install in iXWebHosting. You can install any of the CMS using EasyApps Collection.

  • SSL certificate. To protect the privacy of site visitors, an SSL certificate of the site is a must-have element. So, you should also add an SSL certificate to your site if you really wanna protect the privacy of your site. There’s no free option to have an SSL certificate for your site though you can buy a certificate from iXWebHosting. From the Add-ons section, you’ll get the option.

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