Importance of Education

by: admin

July 19, 2019

Education is an integral part of life. It is important for personal, social and economic development of a nation. It gives happiness and prosperity. Education empowers minds that will be able to conceive good thoughts and ideas. It enables the students do a critical analysis while making life decisions. Education guides humans to fight failure and achieve success in life. It is the only thing that can remove corruption, unemployment and environmental problems. “Education is the most powerful weapon with which you can bring a change in the world.” –Nelson Mandela.

Value of education can be understood from the fact that parents teach essential things about life to the toddlers. Education is very necessary for combating environmental issues. Environmental Consciousness is totally dependent on education, deforestation and diseases an example.

Problems in Education System:
Today the education system is just an exchange of instructions and information. Mostly teachers do not care about focusing on building the concepts but rather focus on rote learning. Some students in every class are very talented and they can become great scientists but due to lack of healthy environment we are losing good students. The main thing which makes students hardworking and interested is curiosity about things but unfortunately teachers are not highlighting this thing. All the students are following the same pattern to take admission either in Medical or Engineering institutions. Rapid commercialization in education sectors badly affected our system. Gender inequality is on the top in our education system. In some areas school buildings are not good. Many children are denied education due to lack of awareness. Parents’ attitude toward children education reflects inadequate attention.
According to Article 25A, education is a fundamental right of every child and the government is responsible to educate children between5-16 for free. Every resident of this country has the right of education regardless of gender. Therefore, no one can be excluded from this right because it is indivisible and inalienable.

An Article by M.JUNAID KHAN